About Us

Administration For 2019

Chairman: Randal L. (Randy) Thomas

Vice President: Craig Bunch

Secretary: Steven Bowman

Treasurer: Tommy Reagan

Mission Statement of Smoky Mountain Gun Collectors Association

 The purpose of the Smoky Mountain Gun Collectors Association, Inc. is to disseminate information to its members and the public generally regarding the construction, use, care, exchange, collection, exhibition, and history of guns of all makes and types; and to possess and maintain all the necessary facilities for such purpose. We also strive to promote friendship of responsible persons in the collection, possession and use of all types of arms. To furnish materials and the forum for education, dissemination and exchange of arms and related materials, providing the means of education related to history, safe gun handling, and the requirement to fully comply with the law in all respects. 


  The Smoky Mountain Gun Collectors Association began in 1959. The first few shows were held in Oak Ridge, Tennessee as a way for members to show off their gun collections large and small and to trade amongst themselves. Later the shows were moved to the Kerbela Shrine Temple in Knoxville where it remained until 1982. After a long stay at the Kerbela Temple the show was moved to the Knoxville Convention Center where it continued for several more years before holding shows at the Knoxville Expo Center. The Association ceased having shows for a couple of years but then made a return, putting on smaller shows on a semi-annual basis at the Lenoir City National Guard Armory and the Jubilee Banquet Facility. After a thirty-year absence, the Smoky Mountain Gun Collectors have returned to the Kerbela Shrine Temple on Mimosa Avenue in Knoxville, Tennessee.
     We aim to carry on the tradition of the shows from years gone by. Our exhibitors are required to display only guns, premium knives or gun related items. We also have displays of firearms collections or related topics for viewing by our members and guests.
 Our members pride themselves in bringing in their best and most rare firearms to our shows and there is always a discussion going on somewhere in the exhibit hall about collectible and/or historical guns.